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52nd edition


Fortnight 1973, Feature film, 85'


This film is a cross between a « candid camera » documentary and a surreal fantasy. The film’s two actors impersonate traveling portrait photographers visiting a small Hungarian village. There is an uncanny congruence between the peasants’ favored forms of photographic expression and the antique photographs that they are shown as examples of the kind of work they can hire. This becomes unsettling as the film shows the peasants of today investigating pictures of the peasants of yesteryear and looking exactly the same.


Pal Zolnay

He studied economy an other domains before he graduaed at the High drama school of Budapest.

Ferenc Sebö
István Iglódi
Mark Zala

Pal Zolnay et Orsolya Szekely

Elemer Ragalyi

Prod : Hungaro film Bathori Utca 10 Budapest V

Title in Original Version : Photographie