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Fish in the Sea is not Thirsty

Fortnight 2002, Short film, 15 min


A couple in New York City, a French woman and a Korean man, picks up a lobster for a party in Brooklyn. Soon, they lose their way in the maze of the Time Square Subway Station. The woman worries about making it to the party on time while the man is more concerned with the lobster.


Soopum Sohn

Soopum Sohn, a Korean filmmaker who received his university education in the US, made his name famous when his short film was selected by Cannes in 2002. He is primarily known as a cinematographer and has worked on films like Kang Yi-kwan’s Sakwa (starring Moon So-rye). Having achieved success in both the U.S. and South Korea, Soopum Sohn directed his first feature film, Make yourself at home. This film is a true Korean/American international co-production, and places complicated issues of identity and diaspora into an intriguing horror framework.

Geneva Carr
Jinoh Park

Margaret Monaghan, Soopum Sohn

Soopum Sohn

Rec Suhr

Soopum Sohn

Set decoration
Soopum Sohn

Production :
Somyung Sohn
1385 Miller Dr. West Hollywood
CA 90069, Etats-Unis
tel: 213-760-3111 

Ventes à l’’étranger :
Jean-Michel Dissard
65 Roebling Street # 4
Brooklyn NY 11211, Etats-Unis
tél. : (1 718)384 5166