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52nd edition


Fortnight 2016, Feature film, 1h50


Youth detention centre. Daphne, arrested for theft, falls in love with Josh, who is also a young robber. Men and women can not meet in jail and love is forbidden. Daphne and Josh’s relationship is only based on glances from one cell to the other, short conversations through the bars and secret letters. The prison is not the only deprivation from freedom but becomes also where love is impossible.
Fiore is the story of the desire to love of a teenager girl and the power of an emotion that breaks every law.


Claudio Giovannesi

Claudio Giovannesi, director, screenwriter and musician, was born in Rome on the 20th of March 1978. He graduated in Modern Literature in 2002 and got a diploma in film direction at the Cinema school in Rome. He studied jazz guitar at the Saint Louis Music center in Rome.

Aniello Arena
Daphne Scoccia
Josciua Algeri
Laura Vasiliu
Valerio Mastandrea

Claudio Giovannesi, Filippo Gravino, Antonella Lattanzi

Daniele Ciprì

Angelo Bonanni

Giuseppe Trepiccione

Claudio Giovannesi, Andrea Moscianese

Set decoration
Daniele Frabetti

Pupkin Production
Via dei Bresciani 23
00186 Rome – Italie
T : +39 06 97845971

Rai Cinema (Italie)
Ibc Movie (Italie)

Ventes à l’étranger / Foreign sales
Rai Com
Via Umberto Novaro, 18
00195 Rome – Italie
T: +39 333 4481036

Presse / Publicist
Claudia Tomassini
T: +49 173 205 5794

Press release

“Chronique mélancolique de l’adolescence à fleur de peau” – Télérama
“Un disperato bisogno d’amore di due teenager dietro le sbarre” –
“Un romanzo sentimentale con i colori crudi del carcere” –  Corriere della Sera
“Romeo e Giulietta dietro le sbarre di un carcere minorile” – La Repubblica
“(The film) combines Dardennes-style social realism with a story of cross-prison infatuation” – Variety
The luminous presence of newcomer Daphne Scoccia holds the film together – The Hollywood Reporter