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52nd edition

Fill In The Blanks

Fortnight 2004, Short film, 16 mn.


Four passengers : two women, a man and a baby, meeting by chance in a mysterious train.


Kim Youn-Sung

Born in Seoul in 1974. After majoring in English literature, he studied film directing at the Korean National University of Arts. In 1997, he made his first shorts before working as assistant director on three films by Sang-Soo Hong. Fill In The Blanks is his seventh short.

Jin Sook Lee
Sharleen Nickle
Sung Choon Hong

Youn-Sung Kim

Chang Jae Lee

Tae Ho Kim

Soo Yeun Hwang

Young Kyu Jang

Set decoration
Min Ah Lee

Production : A Kim Younsung Film 134-8 Joongok-Dong, Kwangjin-Gu Séoul 134 222 Corée du Sud Tél : +82 18 365 2513 ventes à l’étranger : A Kim Younsung Film