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52nd edition


Fortnight 1999, Feature film, 1h35


Young and struggling artist, Nick Parker, becomes the suspect of a murder as he tracks down the killer of his Brooklyn landlord. A classic contemporary noir thriller exploring the tenuous link between reality and imagination.


Alex Winter

He is an actor, an author and a director. He had plays on Broadway, at the NYU Film School and he worked with Percy Adlon. He played in the movie Freaked, with Randy Quaid, Keanu Reeves and Brooke Shields. He worked in New York and London, he made video clips ( Helmet, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ice Cube, Bootsy Collins… ) and advertising.

Bill Duke
David O’Hara
Henry Thomas
Remak Ramsey
Teri Hatcher

Alex Winter

Joe de Salvo

Coll Anderson

Thom Zimny

Joe Delia

Set decoration
Mark Ricker

Production : Christian Martin, Sunlight Pictures Ltd, 16 Golden Square, Londres WIR 3AG, Grande-Bretagne, Tél. : (44 171) 434 2044, Fax : (44 171) 434 2043 Fever Productions Inc (New York, Etats-Unis) vente à l’étranger : J&M Entertainment, 2 Dorset Square, Londres NW1 6PX, Grande-Bretagne, Tél. : (44 171) 723 6544, Fax : (44 171) 724 7541