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52nd edition

Faute de soleil

Fortnight 1995, Feature film, 57 m


Blinded for years by an accident, Jean finds comfort in drinking. He lives with his brother Charles, who looks after him. Both work for Minot, the manager of a travelling striptease show. One night, a wasted girl called Lucie makes her first appearance as a stripper for the troupe. She then spends the night with Jean, sparking off a relationship that will exist and live on in spite of Jean’s self-destructive fits.


Christophe Blanc

Christophe Blanc was born in 1966 in France. He directed various photographic reports and exhibitions. Then he worked as a chief operator in different kinds of videos or other sectors in audiovisual activity. He co-directed Fugue and directed on his own Arborescence. In 1992, he made Violente, a short film that was selected and awarded in various festivals. He directed Faute in 1995.

Christian Baltauss
Evelyne Ker
Françoise Descarrega
Jacques de la Brunellière
Jean-Jacques Benhamou
Jocelyne Desverchère
Olivia Willaunez
Patricia Orlando
Philippe Charrette
Philippe Suner
Sarah Haxaire

Christophe Blanc

Pascal Poucet

Olivier Mauvezin, Stéphane Thiébaut

Mariette Gutherz

Alan Vega, J. Thunders

Set decoration
Hélène Bellanger, Sabine Goutte

Production : Sunday Morning Production, Paris, France