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52nd edition

Faut Aller Parmi Le Monde Pour L’savoir

Fortnight 1971, Feature film, 88'


he use of any language other than French in Quebec, particularly when separatist fervor is high, often serves to incite protests and even legal action. This French language documentary examines separatist feeling in parts of Quebec, and reviews language grievances. Among the conflicts examined is one with General Motors. It must be stated that the documentarian are clearly in favor of the separatist cause, and are also in favor of Quebec’s « encouraging » companies doing business in Quebec to do it (at least officially) in French. From the evidence of this documentary, the attempts of Canadians outside of Quebec to pacify the Quebecois with « bilingualism » seems unlikely to succeed.


Fernand Dansereau

Fernand Dansereau began his career in 1955 at the National Film Board where he worked as a host, screenwriter, director, producer and, finally, as head of French Language Productions. Since 1968, he has worked in the private sector where he has directed a total of 40 short and feature length films and has produced almost as many. He has also been president of the Institut québécois du cinéma and the Institut national de l’image et du son. For television, he scripted Le Parc des Braves and Émilie and also wrote the adaptation of Arlette Cousture’s novel, Les filles de Caleb. He has also written the scripts for such television series as Shehaweh et Caserne 24. In 2005, the Quebec government awarded Dansereau the Prix Albert Tessier for his contribution to Quebec cinema and television.

Michel Brault

Michel Garneau

Prod. In – Média production pour le compte de divers syndicats et organisations québecoises
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