52nd edition


Fortnight 1993, Feature film, 1 h 21


It is quite possible to meet fairy tales characters on the streets in a city, in an orphanage or a taylor’s shop. And yet, Fausto Barbarico’s story started rather badly: he became an orphan at 17, and was brutally thrown into a world of violence and vexation. But he had a gift for reversing the most desperate situations to his advantage. He made himself a friend, a confidant, a brother at the orphanage: the big Raymond, a sentimental farter who swore only by Fausto; during his apprenticeship, he met a Jewish hunchbacked tailor, a prince of the scissors and an inspired story teller, more than a master, a true father; he even became the idol of the colourful neighbors thanks to his wild creations. And like in all fairy tales, the orphan will get everything: love, friendship, relatives, talent and fame… It is possible to dream, even at the end of the 20th century. Rémy Duchemin


  • Arthur H
  • Bruce Myers
  • Florence Darel
  • François Hautesserre
  • Jean Yanne
  • Ken Higelin
  • Maïté Nahyr
  • Marianne Groves
  • Maurice Bénichou


Rémy Duchemin, Richard Morgiève, adapté de son roman “Fausto”

Yves Lafaye

Michel Kharat, Thierry Delor

Maryline Monthieux

Set decoration
Gilbert Druart


Lili Productions, Paris, France Vente à l’étranger : Président Films, Paris, France Distribution : Amorces Diffusion, Paris, France