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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Fata Morgana

Fortnight 1971, Feature film, 79'


…The movie is in three parts: Creation, Paradise, and The Golden Age. The imagery of each is in counterpoint to the voice-over. Although the text of `The Creation’ (from the Popol Vuh, a Mayan myth) refers to the primordial wasteland, the scene goes no further in illustrating the myth. It dwells on the waste, and on various specimens of destruction (fire, smoke, wrecked vehicles). The images from `Paradise’ are anything but that, and `The Golden Age’ is darkly comic – the highest culture is the strange roadside musical act…
Herzog and his crew went to Cameroon a few weeks after a coup attempt took place to shoot the film. The police arrested the director after misidentifying a crew member as a wanted criminal. He and several crew members were beaten and thrown into a cell. Herzog contracted bilharzia, a blood parasite.


Werner Herzog

Director. Writer. Producer. Has studied history, literature and theatre, but hasn’t finished it. Founded his own production company in 1963. Has staged several operas, besides others in Bayreuth, Germany, and at the Milan Scala in Italy. Herzog has won numerous national and international awards for his films.

Eugen des Montagnes
James William Gledhill
Lotte Eisner
Wolfgang von Ungem Sternberg

Werner Herzog

Jörg Schmidt- Reitwein

Leonard Cohen

Prod. Werner Herzog Filmproduktion
8 Munich 13