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52nd edition

Etoile de mer (L’)

Fortnight 2006, Short film, 23 min


Marc and Camille live with their young daughter in an abandoned house on the Estérel coast. Mornings, Marc fishes to feed his family and works afternoons as a parking lot attendant. They live quietly on the fringes of society until the day a gendarme decides to put an end to this freedom.


Caroline Deruas

Caroline Deruas is 28. Her passion for film began at an early age when she discovered the films of François Truffaut and, later, Marco Bellocchio. She earned experience on film shoots and made two films in Super 8: Les Indolents and Le Rêve d’Elli. As second assistant director, she worked on Philippe Garrel’s Le Vent de la nuit and Sauvage innocence. Recently, she played the role of Lea in Garrel’s Les Amants réguliers. Deruas recently worked as second assistant director on Valéria Bruni Tedeschi’s Actrices. L’Étoile de mer is her first real short.

Arthur Igual
Salomé Stévenin

Caroline Deruas

Pascale Marin

Alain Villeval, Benjamin Jaussaud

Floriane Allier

David Trescos

Set decoration
Olivier Deruas

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