52nd edition

Es Megis

Fortnight 1991, Feature film, 1H35


1989. 50 year-old journalist Kristof Zeykmust now take upon himself for these past 40 years during which he has been both an active and passive participant. He feels shocked for having been treated as a Stalinist, he can’t talk any longer and takes refuge in complete muteness. Withdrawing from the world, he tries to collect himself and come face to face with his own complex life. Surrounded by the silence of the mountains, by the beauty of lake Balaton, he lets himself be overcome with memories of the war, of the revolution of 56, of this youth and with his own compromises and those of this generation. He tries to find landmarks in his life, in his ex-wife and in the present one, in his friends and even in his own daughter. Can he overcome this silence? Maybe the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Rumanian revolution will give him a chance to, for his life must go on. And yet…


  • Andras Kozak
  • Eszter Karasz
  • Iren Bordan
  • Laszlo Mensaros
  • Laszlo Vajda
  • Lili Monori


Zsolt kezdi-Kovacs

Balazs Sara

Peter Kardos

Eva Karmenton


Production : Gabor Hanak, Studio Budapest à Budapest Vente à l’étranger : Cinemagyar à Budapest

Title in Original Version : Et pourtant...