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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Erica Minor

Fortnight 1974, Feature film, 1h35


Anne, Marianne and Claude, I probably met them one day, in Paris or elsewhere, living with the same smile and the same sadness, the same refusal of lies and surrender of principles.
Three women from the post-war generation, because they are the ones who expressed with strength and despair the contradictions of this world we inherited from our parents.
ERICA MINOR are the moments just before we make decisions, the moments that leads to great events, when each of those three women finds a reason to act in her everyday life. I wanted this film to be like a tapestry or a mosaic, built through small pieces, stories, memories, digressions and ludicrous moments that put together draws « my small panorama » of the 1970’s.
Bertrand Van Effenterre


Bertrand Van Effenterre

Born in 1946 in Paris, he studies at the IDHEC cinema school from 1965 to 1967. He was the assistant of director Alain Tanner on « Retour d’Afrique ».

Brigitte Fossey
Edith Scob
Juliet Berto

Bertrand Van Effenterre

Nurith Aviv

Production : LES FILMS DU CANTON (Nathalie Nath)