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52nd edition from May 13 to 23, 2020


Fortnight 1984, Feature film,


Alors que toutes les histoires ont déjà été contées, EPILOGO est le récit de deux hommes et d’une femme qui racontent des histoires, avec la perverse intention de mêler le spectateur à cette création de fictions qui deviennent images sur l’écran. Gonzalo SUAREZ


Gonzalo Suarez

He was born in Oviedo when the mining revolution. He studied philosophy and literature in Madrid. He was influenced by impressionists. He dedicated to painting and went to Paris. In 1968, he stelled with his wife in Barcelona and worked as a journalist. He stopped to write; some of his stories were adapted on screen. He started his carreer in cinema in 1966. Since then, he made books and films.

Title in Original Version : Epilogue


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