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52nd edition

Entering indifference

Fortnight 2002, Short film, 28 min


« It’s bitterly cold. It’s the end of the last winter of the 20th century. I’m in Chicago for a festival, but also to think things over, determine where I now stand in relation to others, to the world. Here, everything that eats away at our daily lives is exacerbated: passing love affairs, snow and oblivion – my letter is the chronicle of that « winter of love » the unstable particulars of that congealing of reality. Welcome to indifference. » Vincent Dieutre


Vincent Dieutre

Born in 1960, Vincent Dieutre defended his thesis on « the Esthetics of Confusion » after having pursued studies in art history. He studied directing at the IDHEC film school. Recipient of the Prix Villa Medicis Hors les Murs in 1989, he directed a first feature in 1994, « Rome désolée ». At the same time, he taught in the cinema department of the University of Paris VIII, edited the periodical, « La Lettre du Cinéma », and organized the Pointligneplan screenings at the FEMIS film school.

Vincent Dieutre

Vincent Dieutre

Vincent Dieutre

Isabelle Ingold

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