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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

En Och En

Fortnight 1978, Feature film, 1h30


One and one makes two. But these two should remain inexorably one and one, no matter how hard they try. And why should they be just two ? Why not five ? Why not a hundred ? Why not thousands ? When life rushes past us and reality starts hovering unreally, we often find ourselves with only the myth of the other to fall back on. Our involvement in another human being – only one ; our love for another human being – only one. How much of our expectations of that other person, our demands upon hat other person, prevented us from expecting wider involvements and demanding deeper solidarities of ourselves ? This film, then, is about two people’s way of being two : no new topic for a film. Ylva and Dan fail in using love as escape and refuge. This is good. Even failures can point forward. Perhaps not for Ylva and Dan. Still, one must probably become reconciled to them. For their feelings and sensitivities’ sakes. And for their gropings around the myth of the redeeming power of the love between woman and man. Erland JOSEPHSON


Erland Josephson

Born in Stockholm in 1923, Erland Josephson is actor, author, director and scriptwriter. He managed the Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm from 1966 to 1975. « En Och En » was his first feature film as director.

Ingrid Thulin

Ingrid Thulin, born in Northern Sweden in 1926, studied dancing and acting in Stockholm since she was 17. Her movie actress career began in 1948 ; that same year, she was accepted at the Royal Dramatic Theater acting school, of which she became a member in 1950. In 1956, she’s hired at the Malmö City Theater, where she plays for Bergman, who then make her work on « Smultronstället ». She became one of his favorite thespians. In 1961, Vincente Minelli’s « Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse » is the starting point of her international career. At the same time, she began stage directing and directed her first short feature in 1965.

Sven Nykvist

Born in 1922 in the south of Sweden of Lutherian missionary parents who spent most of their lives in Africa, he studied photography at the Stockholm Municipal School for Photographers. From 1941 to 1959, he worked as cinematographer’s assistant at the Sandrew Studios and then as cinematographer at Rome’s Cinecitta. He worked on several documentaries in Africa, and on almost 40 feature films when he became Ingmar Bergman’s cinematographer. He worked as well with numerous international directors.

Björn Gustafsson
Erland Josephson
Ingrid Thulin
Sven Lindberg

Erland Josephson

Sven Nykvist

Peter Falck


Title in Original Version : Un Et Un