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52nd edition

Electrons statiques

Fortnight 1998, Short film, 25 m


« I have tried to relate a contemporary account in which the rhythm reflects the character’s chaotic, unpredictable course. » Philippe, known as Phil, 30, French, in good health. Sometimes employed, sometimes not. And so on… The situation preoccupies him. Especially the « and so on… ». Oh, yes, reminds you of someone


Jean-Marc Moutout

He was born in the South of France. He graduated in mathematics and in direction n Belgium. He directed various short films like En haut et en bas and Tout doit disparaître. Electrons statiques is his fourth short film.

Arnaud Henriet
Catherine Oudin
Claude Bernard Perot
Delphine Zingg
Fabrice Rodriguez
Pierre Baux

Jean-Marc Moutout

Felix Von Muralt

Eric Boisteau

Marie-Hélène Mora

Silvain Vanot

Set decoration
Barbara Creutz

Production :
MAT Films
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75010 Paris, France
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fax : (33) 1 45 23 28 73

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