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52nd edition


Fortnight 2011, Feature film, 1h39


The coming of age story of a 67 year old man. When Hannes retires from his job as a janitor the void that is the rest of his life begins. He is estranged from his family, hardly has any friends and the relationship to his wife has faded. Through drastic events, Hannes realizes that he has to adjust his life in order to help someone he loves. Eldfjall is a love story about dealing with the choices of the past and the difficulties of the present in order to embrace the future.


Rúnar Rúnarsson

Born in Reykjavik Iceland, Rúnar Rúnarsson lived in Denmark for 7 years and graduated from the Danish Film School in 2009. Rúnar recently returned to Iceland to direct Volcano, his first feature film. Nominated for an Oscar in 2006, The Golden Palm in Cannes 2008 and The European Film Awards in 2008, Rúnar is probably the most awarded short film director in the world with 90 International awards under his belt for his last 3 films.

Margrét Helga Jóhannsdóttir
Theódór Júlíusson

Rúnar Rúnarsson

Sophia Olsson

Kjartan Kjartansson, Ingvar Lundberg

Jacob Schulsinger

Kjartan Sveinsson

Set decoration
Haukur Karlsson


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Title in Original Version : Volcano