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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

El Rio que nos Lleva

Fortnight 1989, Feature film, 1h54


To me, El Rio que nos Lleva is more than a film… It was made like one actualizes a dream. It brought me something extraordinary: a part of myself lost in the past. These were four years of anxieties, hopes and incredible problems to see the film completed. The film recounts a spiritual as well as physical experience. Shannon’s spiritual itinerary is told through two stories: the story of his love for Paula and his rivalry with Antonio « El Encontrao » on one side, and on the other side the story of his friendship with « the American » and the « gancheros ». The physical experience is that of wood, the river, work, camps, of an itinerary which peaks in Aranjuez. But what I wanted most to communicate of Jose Luis Sampedro’s novel is the duality between man and nature – one of the most important issues of our world – and also a sense of human dignity internalized through the course of life, like a river which carries us. The film is dedicated to two children, futur hopes of a better world. Antonio del Real


Antonio Del Real

Born in Spain. He studied architecture and sociology. He went to the Official Film School in Spain and started as an actor: he performed in around 30 movies and plays. He wrote short films screenplays, also documentaries screenplays. Since 1979, he dedicated to writing and directing full length films.

Alfredo Landa
Anthony Peck
Eulalia Ramon
Fernando Fernan Gomez
Juanjo Artero
Mario Pardo
Mikel Insua
Santiago Ramos

Antonio Larreta, Antonio del Real adapté du roman de Jose Luis Sampedro

Federico Ribes

Jose Nogueira

Miguel Gonzalez Sibde

Lluis Llach, Carles Cases

Set decoration
Jose M. Tapiador

Production : Miguel A. Gonzalez, Madrid, Espagne Vente à l’étranger : RTVE, Madrid, Espagne