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52nd edition

Ecce homo

Fortnight 2001, Short film, 50 mn


Pippo Delbono remembers his past: « I had become apathetic towards everything. Or, as my mom used to say, I had become a real bum. So I asked myself, what to do. And I decided to go and search for the bums. » But who are they? Are they like Angelo, the intellectual homeless? Like Armando, the paraplegic walking on crutches? Or like Puma, the singing hyperkinetic? But there’s also Gianluca with his Down’s syndrome, the melancholic young woman and the old microcephalic Bobo.  » …They all seemed happier to me. Maybe because they’d suffered more. Or at least they made me feel happier. And so I asked them for help. »


Mirjam Kubescha

She was born in Germany. She studied history of art in Germany and cinema in Paris. She entered the school film of Munich. She founded her production company, Confine Film. She directed her first short film in 1998: Inside the Boxes was shown in Cannes. She recently prepared The Madonna of Vlatodon and her first feature film, Cruisade.

La Compagnia Pippo Delbono

Mirjam Kubescha

Joerg H. Schmidt-Reitwein

Markus Schwabbauer, Lena Niskanen

Mirjam Kubescha

Piero Corso, Fausto Ferraiuolo, Giovanni Mirabassi

Set decoration
Mirjam Kubescha

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Mirjam Kubescha
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