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52nd edition

Eat Drink Man Woman

Fortnight 1994, Feature film, 2 h 03


Trouble is brewing for old Mr. Chu, the greatest living chef of Taipei, and the father of three grown and rebellious daughters. Ìt’s been years since Mr. Chu’s wife died leaving him to raise Jia-Jen, an old maid school teacher seemingly devoted to her father, Jia-Chien, a driven executive who can barely stand her father’s company, and Jia-Ning, the youngest and most hopelessly romantic of the lot. Enters old Mrs. Liang, the nagging widow who’s just moved next door, and suddenly the whole clan is wondering if Mr. Chu will soon be cooking for someone new…


Ang Lee

He was born in Taïwan and settled in the USA in 1978. He studied diection and graduated in direction at the New Yok Univesity where he made Fine Line, a medium length film awarded best film at the NYU Film Festival in 1985. He wrote screenplays of Pushing Hands and The Wedding Banquet, awarde by the government information office of Taïwan. He could make his first feature film, Pushing Hands in 1991, awarded in many festivals; he then directed The wedding banquet awarded in Berlin and nominated for an Oscar. Eat Drink Man Woman is his third film.

Ah-Leh Gua
Chien-Lien Wu
Kuei-Mei Yang
Sihung Lung
Sylvia Chang
Winston Chao
Yu-Wen Wang

Hui-Ling Wang, Ang Lee

Jong Lin C.S.C.

Tom Paul

Tim Squyres


Set decoration
Fu-Hsiung Lee

PRODUCTION : Central Motion Picture Corporation VENTE A L’’ETRANGER : Christa Saredi World Sales

Title in Original Version : Salé sucré