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52nd edition

Easter Morning

Fortnight 2008, Short film, 10mn


Easter Morning was shot on a spring morning in 1966 in San Francisco with a regular 8mm camera. All the multiple exposures and editing was achieved in camera. A recording performed by the Shanghai Film Orchestra on ancient Chinese instruments was selected.


Bruce Conner

Born in 1933 in Kansas, he lives in San Francisco since 1957. His work are totally independent productions where one person creates every aspect of the production process. According to the New York Times, his films are revolutionary.

Suzanne Mowat

Bruce Conner

Bruce Conner

Bruce Conner

Terry Riley

Set decoration
Bruce Conner

Production : Complex Corporation 535 Stevenson Street San Francisco California 94103 Etats-Unis Tél : 415-864-8123 Fax : 415-864-8726 ventes à l’étranger / foreign sales : Complex Corporation