52nd edition

Die Unberührbare

Fortnight 2000, Feature film, 1h43


Die Unberührbare documents the final days of the writer Gisela Elsner, who took her life at the age of 56. As a young writer, her early success with her first novel makes her a « shooting star » of the literary scene in the 60s. But her inability to rise to the challenge of her own success leaves her entrapped in a conflict with the demands placed upon her. In touch with the events of the day, rebellious and extroverted, but in effect unpolitical, she finds her spiritual foundation in the DKP (German Communist Party), which celebrated both her and her work, most of all in the East Block. The course of her private life, its complicated and misunderstood relationships influenced by her earliest experiences, an assortment of disappointments, and heightened by an addiction to pills and alcohol, has led to an inner loneliness. In the last stage of her life portrayed in this film, she puts her hope in finding a new beginning in an old love. In this brief space of documented time, her past is recognized by way of various points of contact, and conflict, with people who carry varying degrees of weight. The film is set in the time immediately following the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. A time of beginning and ending, a time of hope and disappointment which also dictates daily life.


  • Catherine Flemming
  • Charles Regnier
  • Hannelore Elsner
  • Helga Göhring
  • Jasmin Tabatabai
  • Lars Rudolph
  • Michael Gwisdek
  • Nina Petri
  • Tonio Arango
  • Vadim Glowna


Oskar Roehler

Hagen Bogdanski

Manfred Banach

Isabel Meier

Martin Todsharow

Set decoration
Birgit Kniep


Production : 
Käte Ehrmann & Ulrich Caspar
Distant Dreams Filmproduktion
Gustav-Müller-Platz 7
10829 Berlin, Allemagne
tél : (49 30) 7870 5457
fax : (49 30) 7870 5458

ZDF Geyer Werke 

Vente à l’étranger :
Bavaria Film International
Bavariafilmplatz 8
82031 Geiselgasteig, Allemagne
tél : (49 89) 6499 3179
fax : (49 89) 6499 3720 

Presse :
Richard Lormand
Tanja Messner
tél./fax : 33 (0)1 48 04 51 73

Title in Original Version : L'insaisissable - No place to go