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52nd edition

Die Patriotin

Fortnight 1980, Feature film, 2h01


History does not consist of printed characters classified in libraries. The film politely neglects the unfortunate form that history assumes in scholastic education : this form is the everyday life of Gabi Teichert.
There is nothing left but the dead. They are history, and they are not merely dead. The knee of Wieland (a caporal killed at Stalingrad) is a wealthier source of information than an entire volume on the subject. And from this point of view, certain events of german history assule a completely different aspect.
Alexander KLUGE


Alexander Kluge

Born in Halberstadt in 1932, he was a lawyer and head of Institut für Filmgestaltung at the Ulm University. He got known as a writer with « Lebenslaüfen » in 1962 and « Der Untergang des 6. Armee Schlachtbeschreibung » in 1964.

Alexander Von Eschwege
Alfred Edel
Beate Holle
Dieter Mainka
Hannelore Hoger

Alexander Kluge

G. Hörmann, W. Lüring, T. Mauch, J. Schmidt-Reitwein

Beate Mainka-Jellinghaus

Production : KAIROS FILMS (A. Kluge)

Title in Original Version : La Patriote