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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Diavolo In Corpo

Fortnight 1986, Feature film, 1h40


I didn’t want to copy the same situation as that created by Radiguet in a very precise historical context, but I wanted to recreate a conflict, a contradiction, both of which would speak for my generation… I believe that love is something about which one should be concerned, and this film is a study on the subversive way of falling in love with a woman. But in the same way as there is a new way of conforming, there is also a new form of subversion. The high school lover I depict is very different from the tyrannical capricious young man described by Radiguet. In Italy we do not have the equivalent of the French literary tradition of individual revolt dear to Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Radiguet, the Surrealists… So I had to find the equivalent of this subversion in another context, with a more strongly defined social context, because I believe that subversion must be collective, and that it’s society that must be changed. Marco Bellocchio


Marco Bellocchio

From teenage rebellion to religious institutions to political subversion, the films of Italian director Marco Bellocchio have explored the social and political contradictions of his country. His prolific 50-year career has been closely intertwined with the complexities and discrepancies of Italian history.

Anita Laurenzi
Anna Orso
Federico Pitzalis
Maruschka Detmers
Ricardo de Torrebruna

Marco Bellocchio, Ennio de Concini, Enrico Palandri

Guiseppe Lanci

Carlo Crivelli

Production : I.P. Films, Istituto Luce, Italnoleggio Cinematografico, Rome, Italie Films Sextile, Paris, France Vente à l’étranger : Films Sextile Distribution en france : Bac Films, Paris

Title in Original Version : Le Diable Au Corps