52nd edition

Di Assimanton Aformin

Fortnight 1975, Feature film, 1h45


What interested me in the film was on one hand the relationships between the village’s inhabitants, and on the other hand the murder itself.
I tried to describe how people act on their own territory, and how they are situated in relation to power and the explotation to which they are subjected. And that is why it seems difficult for me to find ideological justification to the hero’s attitude. He acts in a fit of anger and not because of an ideological motive.
If his attitude is a bit inconsistent with regard to his principles, and if the personal factor plays a major part in the event, it is because in this kind of village, a man with left-wimg party’s ideas is neither a cold and lucid ideologue, nor a political man who analyses the situation.
I shot the film in the middle of the dictatorship of the Colonels, hoping that I would be able to show it to its true audience : that of the villages and the country. At the same time, I tried not to fall into the traps of the scenario : melodrama, folklore, etc.
Interview extract from « Synchronos Kinimatographos » n°2-3, 1974


  • Christos Fitsoris
  • Georges Fourniadis
  • Lasaros Aslanidis
  • Michalis Bogiaridis
  • Stelios Kapatos
  • Vana Fitsori
  • Viron Tsaboulas
  • Yannis Tovi


Stavros Chassapis



Title in Original Version : Sous Un Prétexte Dérisoire