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52nd edition

Deux cents dirhams

Fortnight 2002, Short film, 15 min


Ali is a young shepherd in the Moroccan countryside. One day, while leading his flock alongside the new highway running near the village, he finds a 200 dirham note. Like a gift from God, this note changes his life and gives him the illusion that he can cross the highway and make it to Casablanca. But the « visionary » youth quickly finds himself confronted with the glum reality of his village and family and the paradoxes of his country.


Laila Marrakchi

Born in 1975, Laïla Marrakchi studied film and worked as assistant on several films (by Patrick Grandperret, Roger Hanin, and others). In 2000, she directed a short, L’Horizon perdu, which won awards in several international festivals. In 2001, she made two documentaries for television.

Abdelfatah Sail
Jamal Lahouissi
Omar Chanbod

Laïla Marrakchi

Béatrice Mizrahi

Pierre André

Sarah Anderson

Fawzy Al-Aiedy

Set decoration
Naema Bouanani

Production :
Stéphanie Carreras 
Lazennec Tout Court
5 rue Darcet
75017 Paris, France 
tél. : 33 (0)1 53 04 41 21
fax : 33 (0)1 44 90 02 92 

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