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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Der Philosoph

Fortnight 1989, Feature film, 1h24


The content of this film can be resumed in one sentenCe: a young philosopher who has lived as a hermit, finds himself involved in a love story which he has difficulty in understanding, with three women who claim to be goddesses. Are they serious or is it a joke ? This is what a lot of people asked after the sreening. My answer: I am playing, and of course, I’m ironical, but I am also extremely serious. I know that implies a contradiction. And yet it is the truth. In the film there are also contradictions difficult to solve. If reality is contradictory, we must change our way of thinking. And if we change our way of thinking, the meeting with three goddesses is no longer something as absurd as it first seemed to our Cartesian mind. Rudolf Thome


Rudolf Thome

He was born in Wallau. He studied literature, philosophy and history in Münich and Bonn and worked as a film critic for Filmkritik, Film, Süddeutsche Zeitung for example. He made his first short film in 1964 and 6 more; in 1968 he directed a feature film, Detektive.

Adriana Altaras
Claudia Matschulla
Friederike Tiefenbacher
Johannes Herrschmann

Rudolf Thome

Reinhold Vorschneider

Frank Behnke

Dörte Völz-Mammarella

Hanno Rinné

Production : Rudolf Thome, Moana-Film Gmbh, Berlin, Allemagne Vente à l’étranger : Futura/Filmverlag, Münich, Allemagne

Title in Original Version : Le Philosophe