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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Der 7. Kontinent

Fortnight 1989, Feature film, 1h47


Every day we read stories about family tragedies. Every day families take pleasure in their alienation, contenting themselves with information and a life on the cheap. Every day they have less to decide about and hate themselves for their fear. Every day they suffer more from their lives. Every day meny of them wear themselves out fighting this fact. Every day they speak less and laugh louder. Every day they become more perfect. Every day the gap widens between humaan beings. Every day they feel they need to take a decision in order to be able to breathe. This film is a chronicle, an account of these decisions. It does not intend to bear any judgment. It knows no answers. It questions the causes. Michael Haneke


Michael Haneke

He was born in Munich and studied philosophy, psychology and theater in Vienna. He was a screenwriter for ARD TV channel. He writes and directs his films independantly. He directed plays in Germany and in Austria. 71 Fragments d’une chronologie du hasard is the third part of a work previously made of Der Siebente Kontinent and Benny’s Video which were shown at The Directors’ Fortnight. He wrote screenplays of three movies directed by Paulus Manker: Schmutz, Die Klavierspielerin and Der Kopf des Mohren.

Birgit Doll
Dieter Berner
Leni Tanzer

Michael Haneke

Toni Peschke

Karl Schlifeiner

Marie Homolkova

Set decoration
Rudi Czettel

Production : WEGA-Filmproduktionsges. m.b.H, Vienne, Autriche Ventes à l’étranger : WEGA-Filmproduktionsges. m.b.H, Vienne, Autriche

Title in Original Version : Le Septième Continent