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52nd edition

Death Of A Sandwichman

Fortnight 1972, Short film,


Un documentaire sur le cyclisme et la mort d’un champion du monde, Jean-Pierre Monseré, en 1971.


G. Henderickx

Robbe De Hert

Born in England, Robbe De Hert is a director, screenwriter and dialog writer, an editor as well as a producer and director of photography and an actor. His brother Grapjos De Hert is also a director. After he had various jobs, for exemple seaman, he started cinema when he was 20, having success with his short films. He was cameraman and became a member the independant filmmakers group Fugitive Cinema. Actor in 19 december, by Louis Celis, and Ennemis (by Hugo Claus), he shot two medium length films combining documentary and fiction: De Bom and SOS Fonske. He made his first full length film Caera sutra, combining as ever footage from reports, fiction and archives. He directed satire and pamphleteering movies as well as various documentaries about belgian cinema and he wrote an autobiography.