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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Dead End Street

Fortnight 1983, Feature film,


July 1977-8.00 P.M.- A young prostitute jumped under a truck’s wheels, rushing on the highway. At 10.00 P.M., the same evening, the T.V. network were scheduled to broadcast a documentary about that prostitute and her chances to rehabilitate.
I met that girl a few months earlier. It was just after the shooting of the documentary, when she was looking for a decent life. I have started to shoot a film ROCKINGHORSE then, so I gave her a job to prepare sandwiches and coffee for the crew. At that time, she told me she didn’t want the documentary to be broadcasted because she was afraid it would have ruined her chances to rehabilitate. She also told me that she spoke to the producer and the director, but they wouldn’t listen to her.
I told her I didn’t believe she didn’t want to be seeen on T.V., everybody wants to be seen on T.V. It was only after she killed herself when I realised that nobody really believed her. We « tried » to help, made a movie for T.V. about her, gave her lousy jobs, but never really believed her. I made this film looking for an expiation, if there is one. Yaky YOSHA


Yaky Yosha

Né en Israël en 1951, Yaky Yosha directed four short films along with cinema and TV advertisements before his first long feature, « Shalom, Tefilat Haderech » (1973). « Susetz » is his second long feature.

Title in Original Version : Voie sans issue