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52nd edition


Fortnight 2000, Feature film, 1h50


Eleven-year-old Billy is appalled to learn that a dance class is now sharing the same premises as his boxing club. His first reflex is to run for it! But he is quickly fascinated by the magic of ballet movement. He hangs up his boxing gloves and meekly attends the classes given by Mrs Wilkinson. Quick to spot budding talent, she finds new motivation in Billy’s artistic possibilities. Meanwhile, Billy’s father and older brother Tony, both miners on strike, struggle from day to day to support the family. Their simmering frustrations explode when they learn that Billy has spent his boxing money on far less manly activities.


Stephen Daldry

Producer, director for theater, artistic director at the Royal Theater School, he was successful in London and Broadway: Via dolorosa, Machinal, An inspector calls. He is also a producer for BBC. Dancer is his first full length film.

Gary Lewis
Jamie Bell
Jamie Draven
Julie Walters

Lee Hall

Brian Tufano

Mark Holding

John Wilson

Stephen Warbeck

Set decoration
Maria Djurkovic

Production :
Jon Finn
Greg Brenman
Tiger Aspect Pictures
c/o Working Title Films
76 Oxford Street Londres
W1N 0HQ, Royaume-Uni
tél.: (44 207) 307 3000
fax : (44 207) 307 3001

Vente à l’étranger :
Universal Pictures International
4th floor, 76 Oxford Street, Londres
W1N 0HQ, Royaume-Uni
tél.: (44 207) 307 1300
fax : (44 207) 307 1301/02

Distribution :
Bac Films
10 avenue de Messine
75008 Paris, France
tél.: 33 (0)1 53 53 52 52
ax : 33 (0)1 53 53 52 53 

Presse :
Laurence Granec
Karine Ménard
59 avenue Marceau
75116 Paris, France
tél.: 33 (0)1 47 20 36 66
fax : 33 (0)1 47 20 35 44

Title in Original Version : Billy Elliot