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52nd edition

Da Janela Do Meu Quarto

Fortnight 2005, Short film, 5 min


A window, a rain, a fight, two kids playing, the life passing by.


Cao Guimarães

Born in 1965 in Bela Horizonte, Brazil, he bachelored in philosophy and then mastered in Arts (Photography) in London. His work has been shown for ten years in galleries and museums around the world. For the past years he made mainly documentaries and experimental films in various formats shown in many festivals.

Cao Guimarães

Cao Guimarães

O Grivo

Cao Guimarães

O Grivo

Production : Cinco em Ponto R. Paul Bouthilier 423 Belo Horizonte Brésil tél : +55 31 9952 9776 fax : +55 31 3287 6210 ventes à l’étranger : Grupo Novo de Cinema e TV Rua Capitão Salomão, 42 22271-040 Humaitá Rio de Janeiro Brésil tél : +55 21 2539 1538 fax : +55 21 2266 3637

Title in Original Version : From The Window Of My Room