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52nd edition

Cyber Palestine

Fortnight 2001, Short film, 16 mn


Cyber Palestine is a parable about a modern-day Mary and Joseph, two Palestinian returnees living in Gaza, and their tribulations with the Israeli occupation.
Cyber Palestine was commissioned by the Palestinian National Authority’s Bethlehem 2000 Project as part of the millennium commemorations in Bethlehem.


Elia Suleiman

He was born in Nazareth. He is an author, a director and an actor; His first feature film, Chronique d’une disparition, won best first film award in Venice in 1996 and was also awarded in Nantes. He ecently was preparing a new full length film: Chronique d’amour et de souffrance.

Khader Abou Sway
Serene Al Hamayel

Elia Suleiman

Avi Koren

Avi Zonshine

Michal Rydler

Set decoration
Hagi Eli

Production :
Jack Persekian
Bethlehem 2000 Project
PO Box 2000
Bethléem, Palestine
tél. : (972 2) 274 2224
fax : (972 2) 274 2227 

Vente à l’étranger :
Elia Suleiman