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52nd edition

Crying Fist

Fortnight 2005, Feature film, 2h15


Taes-shik, a one-time champion amateur boxer, now earns his living by standing out in the street and inviting passersby to use him as a punching bag for money. All that he has left is his wife, who wants a divorce, and his son, the only light of his life. Debt-ridden, with nothing else to lose, the old boxer decides to go after the amateur xoxing title. Sand-hwan is violent and rebellious young misfit doing time for theft. At the prison’s boxing club, he feels he can accomplish something for the first time in his life.


Seung-wan RYOO

Born in 1973, Ryoo Seung-wan made the media spotlight in 2000 for his indie film, Die bad, a monster hit. En 2004, Arahan, his third film, again connected with audiences with its blend of martial arts and comedy. With Crying Fist, he moves for the first time into melodrama.

Choi Min-sik
Ryoo Seung-bum

Ryoo Seung-wan, Jeon Cheol-hong

Cho Yong-kyu

Jung Gun

Nam Na-young

Bang Jun-suk

Set decoration
Park Il-hyun

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Title in Original Version : Ju-Meok-I-Woon-Da