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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Crème de menthe

Fortnight 2017, Short film, 21min


Following the death of her father, Renée goes back home to Saguenay for the funeral. Forced to empty her late father’s house, she finds a gigantic mess, the result of years of hoarding. In the following six days, Renée will seek her significance, a trace of herself, in the clutter.


Jean-Marc E. Roy

The work of Jean-Marc E. Roy oscillates between documentary and fiction. Several of his films have won prizes and been broadcast and shown in festivals and on Internet. A fervent fan of French Canadian pop culture, Roy is presently working on his first feature documentary. Resident in Saguenay, he also has a joint practice with Philippe David Gagné.

Philippe David Gagné

Philippe David Gagné holds an interdisciplinary baccalaureat in filmmaking. His intense interest in rural life and his native region come through onscreen as a sort of fictional and documentary psychoanalysis. Ever since his first film, the documentary Sur la glace, his films have won awards and toured the world. Resident in Saguenay, he also has a joint practice with Jean-Marc E.Roy. He is presently working on his first feature film, Boutefeu, which was selected for the 2015 edition of the Great North Workshop.

Charlotte Aubin
Fred-Éric Salvail
Guillaume Ouellet
Macha Limonchik

Philippe David Gagné & Jean-Marc E.Roy

Olivier Gossot

Christian Rivest

Philippe David Gagné, Jean-Marc E.Roy

Dragos, Mériol Lehmann, Érick d’Orion

Set decoration
Serge Potvin

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