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52nd edition


Fortnight 1970, Feature film, 89'


A man must decide whether to flee the U.S. draft and go to Canada or stay or go fight for his country in Vietnam.


Simon Nuchtern

Nuchtern wrote, produced and directed a number of successful feature films and founded his company. Katina Productions was formed in 1989 after he left August Films, Inc. where he was President and Creative Director / Producer since its incorporation in 1967. August Films was a motion picture production and post–production company located in the mid–Manhattan film center district near Times Square. He also worked in the post–production of other producers’ features, as well as industrial and commercial clients.

Alexander Gellman
Edith Briden
George Linjeris
John Ross
Kelly Houser
Larry Hunter
Philip Baker Hall
Spalding Gray
Stephen Snow
Susan Sparling
Thomas Murphy
Will Patent

Simon Nuchtern

Prod. Simon Nuchtern
c/o August Films
345 West 44th Street
New York

Title in Original Version : Les Lâches