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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Coupable d’innocence

Fortnight 1992, Feature film, 1 H 50


In 1791, Bardo, a naive 18-year-old Viennese bourgeois, tries to enter the world of nobility by going to the castle of inventor Alexandre Plant. Upon arrival, he learns that his host just died; but invited by Kaltfisch, Plant’s representative, he decides to stay to repair the clocks (he is a clockmaker). From then on, Bardo shares the more or less trifling occupations (dramatic games, scientific DIY, etc…) of the guests. However, his ignorance of the rules and values of this micro-society turn him into the “odd part” of this perfect machinery. His stay soon turns into a cruel initiation, as he becomes the perfect victim for the noble decadents he shares his life with. While losing his illusions, he also loses his child’s soul and freedom.


Marcin Ziebinski

He was born in Poland. He made his first short film when he was 16: La clé pour…, awarded in many festivals. He was an assistant director on Piotr Szulkin’s movie Ga, ga, la victoire de Héros. Coupable d’innocence is his first feature film.

André Wilms
Jan Pesze
Janusz Gajos
Jonathan Zaccaï
Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu
Ute Lemper
Wojtek Pszoniak

Wojciech Ziminski, Andrzej Rychcik

Dariusz Kuc

Yves Osmu

Grazyna Jasinka-Wisniarowska

Jean-Claude Petit

Set decoration
Ewa Braun, Marek Burgemajster, Grzegorz Piatkowski

PRODUCTION : Atria Films MS Film (Varsovie) La Sept Cinéma Telewizja Polska VENTE A L’ETRANGER : Mercure Films