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52nd edition

Corps inflammables

Fortnight 1995, Feature film, 40 m


Juliette loves Bruno, Bruno love Corinne, Corinne thinks she loves no one. As for Luc, he particularly loves difficulty. In the cold darkness of the 90s, four night birds seek for something that looks like the light. Funnily enough, they will eventually find it !


Jacques Maillot

He graduated in political sciences in France ( Lyon ). He directed his first short film Des fleurs coupées in 1991. In 1994, his second short film, 75 centilitres de prières, was shown in many national festivals and abroad. It won the Jean Vigo prize.

Alain Beigel
Aurélie Rusterholtz
Brigitte Roüan
Céline Carrère
Jean-Michel Fête
Olivier Py
Philippe Demarle

Jacques Maillot

François Paumard

Frédéric de Ravignan, Gérard Rousseau

Andréa Sedlackova, Frédéric Krettly

Allie Delfau

Production : Magouric Productions, Paris, France