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52nd edition

Cómprame un revólver

Fortnight 2018, Feature film, 1h24
World premiere


In a timeless México where women are disappearing, a girl called Huck wears a mask to hide her gender. She helps her dad, a tormented addict, to take care of an abandoned baseball camp where the narcos gather to play. The father tries to protect her as he can. With the help of her friends, a group of lost boys who have the power of camouflaging themselves in the windy desert, Huck has to fight to overcome her reality and to defeat the local capo.


Julio Hernández Cordón

Julio Hernández Cordón (Raleigh, North Carolina, 1975) is a Mesoamerican director. He studied filmmaking at Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica, in México, and directed feature films such as Gasolina (2008), Las marimbas del infierno (2010), Hasta el sol tiene manchas (2012), Polvo (2012), Te prometo anarquía (2015) and Atrás hay relámpagos (2017). Cómprame un revólver is his seventh film.

Ángel Leonel Corral
Matilde Hernández Guinea
Rogelio Sosa
Sostenes Rojas
Wallace Pereyda

Julio Hernández Cordón
Nicolás Wong
Carlos García
Production design
Ivonne Fuentes
Lenz Mauricio Claure
Alberto Torres

Woo Films
Puebla 114 – Roma Norte
06700 Ciudad de México – Mexique
+51 5 55 207 6992

Burning Blue (Colombie)

Foreign sales
Films Boutique
Köpenicker Strasse 184
10997 Berlin – Allemagne
+49 30 695 378 50

Title in Original Version : Buy Me a Gun
Release date : 20 March 2019

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