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52nd edition

Comme ça j’entends la mer

Fortnight 2002, Short film, 19 mn


Maria is a young teenager who lives by the sea at the end of the world. She has to marry a man chosen by her family. Innocent, she doesn’t know what to expect.


Hélène Milano

Born in 1967, Hélène Milano studied at the Nice drama conservatory and the national theater school of Marseilles. She has appeared in films, plays and television dramas and has directed for the stage. This is her first film.

Barbara Mavro
Beppe Clerici
Claudine Baschet
Luciana Castelluci
Pauline Leynaud
Raoul Curet

Hélène Milano

Jean Clavé

Maxime Gavaudant

Sandra Ach

Mounir Belkir

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Title in Original Version : So I Can Hear the Sea