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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Chuvas De Verao

Fortnight 1978, Feature film, 1h33


« Life does not resemble the tumultuous waters of a river, nor the perpetual course of the sun. Life is like the summer rains, sudden and fleeting, which evaporate as soon they fall… » A popular poet I am convinced that the raw material of cinema is emotion which rouses the imaginary. It is in this way that the great masters brought light to their masterpieces. Instead of dogmas, hope. Instead of programs, great utopia. Stop for the time being to talk about the apparent forms of life, and go straight to the core of the issue. I do not claim to be heard, I only wished to be loved. Carlos DIEGUES


Carlos Diegues

A former poet, journalist and film critic, Carlos Diegues, born in 1940 in the Brazilian Nordeste, emerged as one of the foremost proponents of Brazil’s Cinema Novo movement (akin to the French New Wave). Since making his first features in the early 1960s, he has explored various aspects of Brazilian life in political, social and historical contexts, with particular emphasis on slavery and its legacy to his native land’s culture. His films started debates in Brazil, provoking both the critics and the audience by its novelty. His film « Xica Da Silva » started a new period in the Cinema Novo movement, and encountered great public success.

Cristina Ache
Jofré Soares
Luiz Antonio
Mirian Pires
Paolo Cesar Pereiro
Rodolfo Arena

Carlos Diegues

José Meteiros

Maïr Tavares

Production : ALTER FILMES Ltd

Title in Original Version : Pluies D'été