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52nd edition from May 13 to 23, 2020

Chakra, Vicious Circle

Fortnight 1981, Feature film,


A l’époque où l’on découvrit Glauber Rocha et les cinéastes sud-américains, le cinéma du Tiers-Monde était à un carrefour important et tous les yeux étaient tournés vers l’Inde. Le cinéma indien était supposé montrer la voie. Cependant, cela n’eut pas lieu… Le cinéma européen était sur le déclin. Seul, le cinéma américain faisait encore preuve d’énergie et d’audace, comme le pourraient les films de Scorsese et de Coppola. « Chakra » tente d’explorer la voie sur laquelle pourrait s’engager le cinéma du Tiers-Monde, et en particulier celui de l’Inde, pour arriver à changer les choses dans un système politique répressif. Le cinéma politique peut trouver son accomplissement en Inde en éduquant, en distrayant et en créant des niveaux de prise de conscience. « Chakra » tente modestement de s’inscrire dans cette direction.


Rabindra Dharmaraj

Rabindra Dharmaraj died in 1981. He was an Alumini of St Steven’s College, Delhi, was an all India radio news reader. He became War correspondent in Vietnam for junior Statesman. He returned to India and joined the Advertising Companies. He lent his voice for many successful Ads in movies and also for Indian news review of film Corporation of India. He was an under study to Francis Ford Coppola before directing and producing the Award winning Art film at cannes film festival Chakra. Only after his death did they release his film. Naseeruddin Shah and Smita Patil owe their fame to him.

With Glauber Rocha and the south american film-makers, the cinema was to provide direction. However it didn’t happen. European cinema was at a deadend. Only in American cinema were energy and experimentation still alive as in the films of Scocese and Coppola. “Chakra” is an attempt to explore the path from where the Third World cinema can emerge and develop especially from India, and become an instrument of change in a repressive political system. Political cinema will achieve fullfilment from India because it will educate, entertain and create awarness levels. “Chakra” as a film is a small attempt in that direction. Rabindra DHARMARAJ