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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019


Fortnight 1975, Feature film, 1h33


Our technological world tends to dominate nature. Primitive societies had the need to be part of nature and for that, they possessed a certain permeability that mankind is rapidly losing : the quality of entering into resonance with the elements. What I tried to do was to preserve, through a mythical drama, the power of the ancient myths as seen by one of those culture that developped away from science, and whose descendants still hold the ancestral believes and traditions.
For years, I’ve had this fascination for the Mayas, an esoteric society that sprung so independently from the Mid-Eastern cradle, but that developed a numerology and a religion with many similitudes. I felt that only in their natural environment and using real people I could recapture that dying culture. I chose the Tzeltal Indians of Tenejapa, descendants of the Mayas, and I lived with them for several months. I prepared a cast among the villagers and adapted the script to their way of life, incorporating their current customs and superstitions. Finally, we brought a film crew from Mexico City and shot on location for three months.
Rolando KLEIN


Rolando Klein

Born in 1942 In Santiago, Chile, he graduated as engineer from the Chile University. Then in 1971, he graduated from UCLA in Fine Arts and Cinema.

Alonso Mendez Ton
Pablo Canche Balam
Sebastian Santis

Rolando Klein

Alex Philips Jr


Title in Original Version : Dieu De La Pluie