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52nd edition

Celui Qui Venait D’ailleurs

Fortnight 1972, Short film, 18'


A mysterious individual, quiet and taciturn, is one evening a hostel in Brittany and arouses curiosity before provoke hatred, fear and, finally, his own death.


Atahualpa Lichy

Atahualpa LICHY CARACAS was born in Venezuela. From his childhood to go past the Andes and the Amazon with his father entomologist, it retains the taste of the great outdoors, adventure and dreams. In 1956, just arrived in Paris, he becomes the collaborator Henry Langlois.For months, he closes all the treasures scattered at the Cinematheque. Exit minerals, now his passion is the « Cinema ». Then Cannes, vintage 1968 and the slogan « All films are born equal ». From 1969 to 1975, he participated in the creation and organization of the Directors’ Fortnight. At the same time, he directed for film and television over sixty shorts and organises many festivals. In August 1989, he turned in his native country’s first feature film RIO NEGRO.

J.P. Torok

Jean-Paul Török holds a doctorate from 3 graduate art and archaeology (Paris I, 1986). . Author of several books on cinema, he has also written fiction and a biography of the writer Pierre Benoit. He worked with, among others, the scenario of a bad son (1992) by Claude Sautet with Daniel Biasini. Meanwhile, he co-hosted regularly Libre Journal du Cinema on Radio Courtesy until 2007.

Annick Michaux
Gilles Chevassieux

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