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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019


Fortnight 1990, Feature film, 1H27


When in september 1982 after the trial of the young murderer, I entered the house where the murder has happened, real terror overtook my soul . The distrusful faces flashing behind the dirty and broken windows, a dirty kid asleep in the sharp shadow of a single tree, the figures looming in the darkness behind the doors with mosquito nets, and the quivering dumb muteness silenced all the festures of the self-confident and curious filmmaker in me. I broke out in a sweat. It wasn’t fear so much that took all the words away from me but the sudden recognition that you can only kill in this place and perhaps I would have done the same myself. I felt that the moment of grace was not present because it could not be present and the Grand Inquisitor existed onlu for me and not for the boy murderer. The terror was too deep in him, in me, in us perhaps to turn into morals. It was not that I understood indifference and sin, I was just touched by their aura. I had to flee from the place. In silence, I walked out to the square where the boy-murdere’s friends and companions in distress were riding ther motorbikes. We watched each other for a long time, then I went back into the house and I knew I would ask questions, scared and stuttering, but I would and I wanted to make this film and I would make it to settle the bill with myself and with them. I hope it will reach them just like the moment of grace will. Arpad Sopsits


Arpad Sopsits

He was born in Szeged. He graduated in Debrecen and studied Philosophy in Budapest. He entered the High Theater and cinema school. Céllövölde is his first feature film and was awarded in Budapest in 1990.

Fero Nagy
Judit Danyi
Lajos Kovacs
Lili Monori
Zoltan Lengyel

Gyula Elian, Arpad Sopsits

Tibor Klöpfler

Tamas Markus

Maria Magdolna Kovacs, Marianna Miklos, Zsuzsa Posan

Lazslo Melis Group 180

Set decoration
Csaba Stork

Production : MTV FMS à Budapest Vente à l’étranger : Cynemagyar Hungarofilm Export Ltd

Title in Original Version : Stand de tir