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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Céline et Julie vont en bateau

Fortnight 1974, Feature film, 3h10


« Celine and Julie » is an adventure comedy, the shock of a encounter. It all happens in this area so loved by Cocteau, just between when you’re awake and when you’re dreaming. That is, going through the looking glass. Julie is a quiet librarian, without stories or surprises. Celine, a kind of white rabbit, a magical character, let three objects fall in front of Julie sitting on a parc bench, and leads her in a world of adventures, just like Alice. Because Celine is a liar too. She tells all kind of tales as long as it’s funny, her imagination goes wild on her past, on the travels she never went on… on luxurious and suspenseful stories’ atmosphere… And incredibly, one of her stories gets Julie to dream about a similar situation. This rich and isolated house that Celine talks about, this widower with an eight-year-old girl, those two mysterious women, the blond and the brunet, those unsettling relationships – could they all be the same as what Julie think she knows? Eduardo de Gregorio


Jacques Rivette

Jacques Rivette was born in 1928. In 1950, he joined the Ciné-Club du Quartier Latin, and began to write film criticism for the Gazette du Cinema, a small film journal. During this time, he made his first short films, « Aux Quatre Coins » (1950), « Le Quadrille » (1950), and « Le Divertissment » (1952). In 1952, Rivette began to write for Cahiers du cinéma with several other young critics who would form the core of the French New Wave: Éric Rohmer, Jean-Luc Godard, François Truffaut, Claude Chabrol, and Luc Moullet. In 1958, he began to work on his first feature using the borrowed equipment and short ends of film stock. He finished « Paris nous appartient two years later ». « Celine and Julie Go Boating » is perhaps Rivette’s most famous and best loved work.

Barbet Schroeder
Bulle Ogier
Dominique Labourier
Juliet Berto
Marie-France Pisier
Philippe Clévenot

Jacques Rivette

Jacques Renard

Production déléguée : LES FILMS DU LOSANGE