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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019


Fortnight 1979, Feature film, 1h30


We were quite well, a bit depressed however, our friends Catherine and Klaus had not been eating for several days ; they were dying of hunger. She looked at her little Butty, then Klaus, and he gestured no with its head. The following night, Klaus looked at Catherine, and then at little Butty ; Catherine made a negative sign with her head. The following day, we were eating together and at the end of the meal, looking at the scraps of the meal on a tray, Catherine said : poor Butty would have loved those little bones. Two month after, I started shooting « Caniche », a Goya-like story of our time. BIGAS LUNA


José Juan Bigas Luna

Born in Barcelona in 1946, he founded in 1968 the design studio « Gris » ; he was art director there until 1974. He was at the same time professor working with the design and communication schools Eina and Elisava, as well as member of the INFAD committee and associated to the ADI-FAD group. His work was exposed at the Dali Museum in Figueras and included in private collections. He worked with José Luis Fabriga Poveda MD to create departments of « Recovery through Art therapy ». From 1972 to 1976, he was member of the « Barcelona Grup », a spanish film export organism that he co-founded. He directed two short films before his first long feature, « Tatuaje » (1976).

Angel Jove
Carlos Martos
Consol Tura
Cruz Tobar
Linda Perez Gallardo
Marta Molins
Sara Grey

Bigas Luna

Pedro Aznar

Anastasi Rinos

Bela Bartok

Production : FIGARO FILM, Barcelona