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52nd edition

Caliche Sangriento

Fortnight 1970, Feature film, 1H55


…sort of political western film that will not please those who love to dress in banners and flags, singing hymns to heros. Pierre kast


Helvio Soto

He worked in Argentine for TV and went to Chili. He made a short film and started making full length films with Salpêtre sanglant in 1969: it deals with war between Chili and Pérou. His two newt movies were linked to politics and Salvador Allende. He flew in France. It rains on Santiaga is a difficult reconstitution of the socialist Chilian government. La triple muerte del tercer personaje is about exile. He made Americona and went back to Chili.

Hector Duvauchelle
Jaime Vadell
Jorge Guerra
Patricia Guzman

Jean Pierre Lefebvre

Prod. Helvio Soto Av. Pedro de Valdivia 1761 Santiago du Chili

Title in Original Version : Salpêtre Sanglant