52nd edition

Café Society

Fortnight 1995, Feature film, 1 h 53


Café Society is drama based on a true story about a prostitution scandal that rocked New York City in 1952. Mickey Jelke is a playboy set to inherit five millions dollars from his oleomargarinerich grandfather. However, rather than mingle with his families society friends, Mickey prefers to spend his evenings out on the town with lowlife types, pimps, prostitutes and Broadway characters whose company he frankly enjoys. When a sleazy cop named Jack Kale finds out a big time prostitution ring may be operating out of Mickey’s favorite nightclubs, he looks for a sucker to pin a scandal on and comes up with Mickey. His efforts are aided by the fact that Jelke has recently begun an affair with a beautiful and mysterious young woman, Patricia Ward, whose background is of a rather dubious nature, and who will go to any lenghts – including prostitution herself – to stay in the upper classes with Mickey. The scandal eventually breaks…


  • Anna Thomson
  • Frank Whaley
  • John Spencer
  • Lara Flynn Boyle
  • Peter Gallagher


Raymond DeFelitta

Mike Mayer

Jeff Pullman

Suzy Elmiger

Set decoration
Markus Canter, Stuart Canter


Production : Cineville Inc., Santa Monica, Californie, USA