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52nd edition


Fortnight 1997, Feature film, 1 h 37


The time is early 19th century, the place, the African continent deep in the loop of the river Niger. Buud-Yam is the story of a young man named Wend-Kuuni, who sets off on an unpredictable journey in search of a healer to treat his sister Pughneere, who is stricken with an unknow illness. In the manner of a folk tale, the film deals primarily with childhood, youth and a certain quest for identity. But, beyond that, it tackles the big questions of life, those that make or undo the world and mankind : the acceptance of those different from oneself, tolerance and dialogue, or the fear of others, distrust, intolerance and exclusion.


Gaston Jean-Marie Kaboré

He was born in Burkina Faso and studied in Paris. He graduated at ESEC. He was in charge of cinema for the Ministry of Culture et Information of Burkina Faso. He headed the National cinema center. He participated in many projects for cinema development and distribution as well as festivals. He directed documentaries and reports. Wend Kuuni was his first feature film, awarded in Ouagadougou, Locarno and Carthage.

Amssatou Maïga
Serge Yanogo
Séverine Oueddouda

Gaston J-M Kaboré

Jean-Noël Ferragut

Daniel Ollivier

Didier RanzMarie-Jeanne Kanyala

Michel Portal

Set decoration
Joseph Kpobly

PRODUCTION : Cinecom Production 01 BP 2731 Ouagadougou, burkina Faso Tél. : (226) 31 36 23 Fax : (226) 31 36 24 Caroline Production VENTES A L’ETRANGER : Mainstream 34, rue Poncelet 75017 Paris Tél. : 01 44 40 05 55 Fax : 01 47 63 07 62